Why Netflix is the streaming king this Spring

As April approaches, one service is shining brightest

Emily The Criminal
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Here at T3, I'm normally the one to bring you our pick of the best content across the top streaming services. That means for my troubles I have to watch quite a lot of TV shows and movies (hold for the world's tiniest violin) and scour the schedules of the top streaming services. I have to admit looking at the next couple of months, there's one name that is standing head and shoulders clear of the rest. Ta-dum, It's Netflix

Of course, the likes of Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video have excellent libraries of content. Prime Video may have added ads to its cheapest tier this year but that's not all. It also boasts exclusive streaming access to some of the year's most prestigious pictures like the Oscar-winning American Fiction and Anatomy of a Fall but in terms of the coming months, it's a little bit bare. The upcoming Fallout series looks genuinely amazing, but other than that it's a bit of a wasteland. 

As for Disney+/Hulu? They've honestly smashed it out of the park so far this year and added Poor Things, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and season two of my favourite show on the platform last month, so they've earned a rest. But what exactly is Netflix offering that's so enticing? 


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Well, the big hitter is Ripley, the new adaptation of the classic novel with Andrew Scott in the lead role. It launches on April 7th and to say I'm excited would be an understatement, visually it is stunning and must have cost a pretty penny. There is also a wave of completely original shows that have my curiosity piqued. Baby Reindeer tells the darkly funny true story story of a comedian with an unhealthily obsessed fan while Unlocked: A Jail Experiment looks like an interesting slice of reality TV. 

In terms of films arriving, there's a lot to look forward to as well, starting with a poor of April Fools arrivals that are no joke. The Bad Guys and Emily the Criminal are a couple of superb movies that land on April 1st, Scoop (the story of that infamous Prince Andrew interview) arrives on April 5th while there are regular quality additions up till June when the likes of Unfrosted: The Pop Tart Story in March looks like madcap fun. Who had Hugh Grant as Tony the Tiger on their 2024 bingo card?

Of course, all of the streaming services are capable of pulling off surprises or suddenly dropping the next must-watch series, but as it stands - Netflix is looking good. 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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