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Poor Things
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It's often been the case that in order to watch the prestige films nominated for the biggest prize in cinema, the Best Picture Oscar, you had to track down an arthouse cinema near you - not always an easy task. Nowadays though, the art comes to you. 

With the rise of platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, it's now possible to watch the latest and greatest movies from your sofa not long after the cinematic release. Now, Poor Things is available to buy (but not rent) on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Sky Store. If you're a film buff, you need to give it your attention. But if you can hold on till March 7th, you'll be able to stream it on Disney+. 

Emma Stone delivers a career-highlight performance as Bella Baxter, a Frankenstein's monster of a young woman. After a tragedy, she has the body of an adult but the mind of an unborn child, stitched together by a mad scientist (Willem Dafoe in a role he was born to play). Assigned to the watchful eye of one of his students (Ramy Youssef) her development is rapid, and she soon yearns for life outside of her strictly controlled environment.

Just in time for her newfound wanderlust, Bella bumps into the caddish Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo) who whisks her away on a tour of Europe and rapid introduction to adult pleasures. Be warned, this is arguably the most outrageous movie I have ever seen, it makes The Wolf of Wall Street look like Peppa Pig, do not watch with family. I went to the cinema with a friend from work and can barely look him in the eye anymore.

The thing is, on top of being shocking, it is also one of the funniest (and most visually stunning) movies I've ever seen. Director Yorgis Lanthimos is known for dry and dark humour and there is spades of the stuff here. I really think that if Emma Stone doesn't win Best Actress, something will have gone wrong. 

If you want to know how to watch the other Best Picture nominees then, we've also got you covered. 

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