Why an E3 2021 Nintendo Switch Pro no-show will play right into PS5 hands

A Nintendo Switch Pro E3 2021 no-show could be this year's biggest gaming industry misstep. Here's why...

Nintendo Switch Pro PS5
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So, it's happened again. Yet another report has come out of Japan mentioning that the Nintendo Switch Pro is incoming. Not that it is big news at this point as, simply put, I feel the upgraded new Nintendo Switch is the worst kept secret in the gaming industry right now.

That's because, as T3 has reported on multiple times, an upgraded "Super Nintendo Switch" has been leaked quite comprehensively, both by insiders and by established news websites, many of which are reporting directly out of Japan. For example, just days ago did respected Japanese news site Nikkei state in a report that, "Nintendo is expected to launch high-end models with high image quality". 

Indeed, the Switch Pro has leaked to the extent that we now seem to know basically everything about it. For example, we know that the Nintendo Switch Pro is going to come with an upgraded OLED screennew Joy-Con controllers, and even a redesigned docking station.

We also know that the console is coming with next-level graphics courtesy of Nvidia and that the Switch Pro is going to make use of Nvidia's own DLSS technology to deliver 4K graphics when in docked mode.

Throw in a lot of chatter of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 capping off Nintendo's Zelda celebration year, and we seem to staring at the yet to be revealed much wanted advanced new flagship console from the BigN. The console that is going to go head-to-head against the Sony PS5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X.

The thing is, though, despite basically everyone knowing the Nintendo Switch Pro is coming, we've still not seen anything of the console, and the Japanese firm itself has remained tight lipped about its existence.

What's more worrying, too, is that early leaks have indicated that gamers aren't going to get to see the Nintendo Switch Pro at the E3 2021, either. And, for me, this could be a giant mistake by Nintendo.

Why? There are multiple reasons. Firstly, the Nintendo Switch Pro hype is now at fever pitch, with loyal Nintendo gamers absolutely desperate to upgrade their original Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. It's been over four years now since the Switch was released and it is really struggling to deliver the visual gaming experiences that gamers in 2021 are used to. Just look at how the system creaked while trying to run Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury – an upgrade is definitely needed.

Far more important, though, is this second reason I feel. The point that right now, disillusionment with the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X are still really really high among gamers who have not been able to pick up a system. Continuing PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock issues have now left millions of gamers empty handed for over half a year and that is leading to serious frustration.

So this is the time where Nintendo should show those disillusioned gamers how their money will be better spent on a brand new Nintendo Switch Pro. They should show gamers, while they literally cannot buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X for RRP anywhere, that they will be better served by investing in Nintendo Switch Pro instead – that Nintendo won't keep them waiting over half a year to buy a console, and also just what amazing experiences they can look forward to enjoy when they do.

But for that to work most effectively, Nintendo needs to strike when Sony and Microsoft are at the their weakest, when they still can't deliver consoles to gamers. As the longer Nintendo leaves it, the greater chance of those gamers picking up a PS5 or Xbox Series X so they can join the next-gen and play top games with their friends.

And, with E3 2021 now only just over a month away, it looks increasingly a great place and time to give gamers something to get excited about. Even if it is just a teaser or a sneak peak, providing Nintendo executes the unveiling properly, it could win the firm plenty of next-gen converts, who otherwise without action end up playing games on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

I'm excited for Nintendo Switch Pro and hope that we see or hear something official soon.

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