Nintendo Switch Pro set for a 4K upgrade, but not how you think

Nintendo Switch Pro will be bigger and better thanks to huge display upgrade but fans might be disappointed

Nintendo Switch
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Despite Nintendo keeping its plans for its next piece of hardware under wraps, we're expecting to see a Nintendo Switch Pro launch in the not-too-distant future, and a tasty new rumor just dropped that suggests we'll see a better, larger display, as well as 4K graphics – but it doesn't quite line up with everything we've heard so far. 

The Nintendo Switch currently sports a 6.2-inch LCD display, while the Nintendo Switch Lite measures in at 5.5-inches. Neither are capable of 4K output, and that goes for the Nintendo Switch's docked mode too. Recent rumors have suggested that the upgraded version of the hydrid handheld will be capable of 4K in handheld mode, but the latest news around the console's panel has nipped that in the bud.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung Display will be providing the display for the new Switch Pro, and we're looking at sweet OLED panels for those deep blacks. The screen is getting bumped up to 7-inches, and when it comes to the resolution, we're looking at 720p –  but the hardware will support 4K in docked mode.  

That nugget also tips us off to the design somewhat; the Nintendo Switch lies somewhere between a home console and portable handheld, while the Switch Lite is a handheld only, and perfect for commuting and travelling. The Switch Pro looks set to be another hybrid, and will pack upgraded tech into what sounds like a somewhat similar form factor.

The latest rumor, which was doing the rounds this week, suggests a Super Nintendo Switch Pro with a 1440p screen set for a Q1 2022 release, that will launch alongside a Breath of the Wild sequel, as a cherry on the cake of the Legend of Zelda's 35th anniversary. 

Either way, we're still very much in the dark about the Nintendo Switch Pro, but with leaks and rumors starting to back each other up, we're getting a fuller picture of what Nintendo has in store.

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