PS VR 2 hype escalates as Sony announces SIX new PlayStation VR games

Sony's unveiling of 6 new PS VR games is great news for PS VR 2 and PlayStation gamers worldwide

PlayStation VR 2 PSVR 2
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Wow! Now that was impressive. Sony's PS VR Spotlight event not only came out of left-field but also had a focus on the Sony PlayStation VR gaming platform, with six new games shown off with video trailers.

And, simply put, just one look at the video trailers (see below) confirms just how much of a next-gen weapon the incoming PS VR 2 gaming headset is going to be for PS5 in its war against the Microsoft Xbox Series X.

That's because if the games look this good on PlayStation VR, just imagine what they would look like running on PlayStation VR 2. Mouth-watering indeed.

The new games, which can watched in action below, include fast-paced co-op FPS action game After the Fall, an expansive JRPG-inspired MMO called Zenith, action game Fracked, exploration and survival title Song in the Smoke, classic FPS horror Doom 3: VR Edition, as well as undercover agent simulator I Expect You To Die 2.

Check out the new PlayStation VR games announced by Sony:

These games not only look like they're going to be really epic fun to play, but they also hang a lantern on the fact that PS5 gamers are going to be living in virtual reality wonderland over the next generation, while Xbox Series X gamers will not be.

As T3 noted just over a week ago, the fact that Sony has its own VR platform and that it is only going to get better with the introduction of an even more advanced PS VR 2 headset after 2021, means that the Japanese console maker has a very potent arrow in its quiver.

While Xbox's Phil Spencer is saying VR gaming is the feature "nobody is asking for", Sony is busy unlocking wondrous new virtual worlds for gamers to get stuck into, as well as developing advanced new hardware to really drive the platform forward.

And this is only going to become more apparent in 2022 when Sony actually unveils the PlayStation VR 2 headset, as Microsoft will simply have no repost and no way to counter the blow. Momentum is going to be injected into the PS5 and a massive dose of next-gen VR wonder is going to hit PlayStation gamers.

While PlayStation gamers are enjoying VR experiences like those listed above, Xbox gamers are going to have their heads turned.

We're massive fans of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S here at T3, however, we're also huge fans of VR gaming, and PlayStation delivers that while Xbox does not.

Here's hoping we see more from these new PlayStation VR games soon, as well as information on the PS VR 2 gaming headset.

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