Nintendo Switch Pro will pack new Nvidia chip for mighty graphics firepower

And, what's more, the Nintendo Switch Pro is coming out THIS winter holiday season

Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Future)

The Nintendo Switch Pro, just as T3 recently reported, is coming with an upgraded GPU, CPU and RAM. And, what's more, the new handheld console is coming with Nvidia's advanced DLSS technology baked in, too.

The news comes from respected US publication Bloomberg, who confirm that Nintendo are to use a new Nvidia graphics chip in its 2021 Switch upgrade, that the console will also add memory and a CPU upgrade, and - just as T3 also has reported previously - that it is scheduled for release in time for the winter holiday season this year.

This is the upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro console that has been also confirmed as coming with a brand new OLED screen, and rumored to be launching along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and/or a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey.

This latest report therefore adds serious detail to the picture we now have of the console that some gamers have dubbed the "Super Nintendo Switch". The upgraded Nintendo Switch, which will follow the Nintendo Switch Lite to market, will have an OLED screen, DLSS-packing new GPU, faster CPU, more RAM and it will come out this year.

And, thanks to this upgraded hardware, the Nintendo Switch Pro will be able to play games at higher frame rates and resolutions – maybe even a 4K resolution.

There's still plenty we don't know about the Nintendo Switch Pro, though, and foremost among them is just what the Nintendo Switch Pro will look like. There's been some interesting concept designs created by digital artists, and there have been reports of redesigned Joy-Con controllers, but aside from that the new console remains firmly in the dark.

As to when we can expect to see the Nintendo Switch Pro, we might get a sneak peak at E3 2021, although here at T3 we think we'll more likely see something later on in the year. One thing is certain, though, if Nintendo can deliver the new handheld this winter holiday season then there's going to be a lot of happy gamers on Christmas morning.

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