Here's when Nintendo Switch Pro is coming out

New report states when the Nintendo Switch Pro is going to be in gamers' hands

Nintendo Switch Pro
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Momentum behind the Nintendo Switch Pro has been building rapidly over the past few months, with a verified insider confirming key hardware details about the system and plenty of other leaks pointing to a console equipped with an upgraded screen, new Joy-Con controllers, and even a redesigned docking station.

Now, though, we've just had it confirmed by none other than respected US news publication Bloomberg News as to just when we can expect to see the Nintendo Switch Pro launch, which will be the follow up console to the Nintendo Switch Lite and original Nintendo Switch.

That's because Bloomberg News has just stated that:

"Nintendo plans to release a revised version of the Switch in the latter half of this year with a larger and better display as well as upgraded graphics when the hybrid console is plugged into a TV set"

Well, that was conclusive. The Nintendo Switch Pro is coming out "in the latter half of this year".

So, it looks like all that smoke definitely did mean there was a Nintendo Switch Pro fire after all and, what's more, it looks like all those leaks T3 has reported on pointed towards the truth after all.

Indeed, it now seems like we are going to get a Nintendo Switch Pro with a larger OLED screen. And that we are going to get a pro Switch that offers higher resolution gaming when the console is in its dock and connected to a TV – maybe even 4K gaming thanks to Nvidia's DLSS technology being baked into the system.

And, what's even more exciting, is that if this Bloomberg News report is to be believed, and the publication's track record on reporting on future Nintendo hardware is pretty much bullet proof, then it looks like gamers are going to have the console in their hands before this year's winter holiday season.

That is brilliant news for loyal Nintendo fans who have been watching on as both Sony and Microsoft have launched their significantly more powerful next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles onto the market. It's such good news as it means yet another winter holiday season won't have to be endured by the Big N's faithful without any new hardware.

Here at T3 we hope for an early Q4 Nintendo Switch Pro release, with the console ushering in a new wave of awesome new higher fidelity Switch games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey. Fingers crossed that dream turns into a reality.

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