Nintendo Switch Pro with multi-cartridge game dock is the Switch follow-up of your dreams

Say hello to the Nintendo Switch Pro, the next-gen Big N gaming console of our dreams

Nintendo Switch Pro
(Image credit: Computer Bild)

News about a powerful Nintendo Switch Pro console has been gathering pace recently, promising to offer gamers a significant upgrade in terms of hardware over both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

And now, thanks to a show-all Nintendo Switch Pro video, we've got our best look yet at just how special the Nintendo Switch Pro could be when released. And just one look at the stunning multi-cartridge game dock shown off is enough to get us here at T3 very excited.

The Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo Switch XL consoles depicted in this video come courtesy of German tech news site Computer Bild, which dreamt them up as part of an exercise to envisage what a Switch follow-up system could look like.

Two designs were finalised, a Nintendo Switch Pro as well as a Nintendo Switch XL.

The Nintendo Switch XL, which more closely resembles the original console, delivers a larger 4K screen, new-design Joy-Con controllers, a bigger kickstand and four separate game cartridge ports, meaning gamers don't have to keep chopping and changing every time they want to play a different title.

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The more radical concept design of the pair, though, is the Nintendo Switch Pro, which is essentially a 4-cartridge game dock that connects directly to the user's TV. The Switch Pro delivers a 4K resolution and can connect two controllers via USB Type-C ports. Unlike the XL the Switch Pro doesn't have the redesigned Joy-Cons mind, instead coming with a new silver colorway of the original variant.

Nintendo Switch Pro

(Image credit: Computer Bild)

Here at T3 we really like both of these next-gen Nintendo Switch designs, and are specifically enthused by the idea of a redesigned dock and Joy-Con controllers. Naturally, a Switch Pro that can deliver a higher resolution screen (even if it isn't 4K) also appeals, while the idea that multiple game cartridges could be held interesting.

We're not sure Nintendo would ship a console with multiple cartridge ports, but we think a new dock could do – it would be a great way to acknowledge that much of the Switch community buy and collect physical games, and the fact that they have to keep swapping game carts every time they want to play a new game can get tiring.

Nintendo Switch Pro

(Image credit: Computer Bild)

Regardless, though, when we're seeing high-spec portable handheld consoles being built by innovative smaller companies to appeal to gamers with more enthusiasts hardware requirements, it is still great to see what an upgraded new Nintendo Switch Pro could look like.

Hopefully we will hear more in the gaming tech rumor mill shortly about the real Nintendo Switch Pro, and here's hoping it ends up being a system that pushes the envelope a bit like these concepts do.

PS5 PlayStation 5 VR 2 XR

(Image credit:

Elsewhere in cool futuristic gaming concept designs, a really sweet design for a next-gen PlayStation VR 2 headset has broken cover. Dubbed the 'PlayStation XR', the next-gen PSVR 2 headset improves on the original in every way, delivering a host of new features and technology.

The upgrades start with the headset's resolution, which is jacked up to 4K, while headset wires are also removed thanks to a battery system. Batteries can be swapped out between sessions, while up to two charge in the headset's battery dock, or all three can be linked together.

This linking requires the user to wear the other two batteries on an elasticated arm band.

The PlayStation XR also comes with next-gen VR controllers, which are both wireless and come with the same excellent haptic feedback system installed in the DualSense PS5 controller.

We've been really impressed with the ambition shown in this concept design, and hope the real PSVR 2 headset can take inspiration from it.

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