Samsung's micro-LED 4K TV won't be killing off OLED TVs yet at THIS price

The 110-inch next-gen screen is pure luxury for now, but Samsung expects the price to come down quickly

Samsung MicroLED
(Image credit: Samsung)

One of the Next Big Things in TV tech is microLED, and Samsung is the first company to make it available to buy. MicroLED uses self-emissive pixels, just like OLED TVs, to provide infinite contrast, and is almost certainly the future of this kind of screen… but here in the present, the high price of the first set means you probably won't rushing out to pick one up. 

Samsung has confirmed to Korean media that pre-orders for the 110-inch behemoth will be priced at 170 million won. That's around $155,000 or £114,000. Or, if you're being TV minded about it, 81 LG CX OLED TVs

Why so expensive? Well, microLED makes the most of, quite literally, micro LED lights by making each tiny LED its own pixel. This means that regardless of the size of the screen, it can guarantee vibrant colours and controlled contrast and black levels, but without the screen-burn risk that OLED has, and with a longer life-span. 

The tech started life as a Samsung concept known as 'The Wall.' This was a modular option where you could install multiple small screens into one seamless display of any size and shape you wanted – more useful for professional use than home, really. The 110-inch microLED TV is the 'set' Samsung has offered for the tech. And, of course, that's really not going to come cheap. 

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As we reported last week, Samsung has already said that it is looking to produce smaller versions of this bezel-free tech at some point in the future, but at roughly £1,000 per inch, this will be a hard sell for your average consumer.

But, if you are still tempted, the 110-inch microLED allows you to treat it as four different smaller screens (55 inches each!) to make sure you can consume as much media as your eyes will allow. If you've ever wanted to game while keeping an eye on the news (and a movie, and sport) at the same time, you can soon pay quite a lot of money for the privilege. 

Like other tech before it, the price will of course drop for microLED as Samsung gets more experienced at making. “Prices are expected to fall dramatically once more players enter the market and we have a more robust market ecosystem,” said Choi Yong-hoon, vice-president of Samsung’s Visual Display Business. Just how dramatically that drop will be, we'll have to wait and see.

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