We're dreaming of Nintendo Switch Pro after watching 4K Mario Kart video

Bring on the Nintendo Switch Pro as Mario Kart running at 4K in this video looks sensational

Nintendo Switch Pro Mario Kart
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Whoa! Now this is something special. This is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe running as it would on the Nintendo Switch Pro at a 4K resolution. If you thought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looked good on the regular Nintendo Switch you 'ain't seen anything yet, as this video shows.

Rumors of a Ultra HD resolution capable Nintendo Switch Pro have been circulating for years now, and only weeks ago did one of the most respected Nintendo reporters, Takashi Mochizuki, hint that a new Switch Pro console could be coming in the next financial year.

And now we've got our best look yet at just what the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks like running at that rumored Nintendo Switch Pro 4K resolution. Watch the video below to get the goodness injected into your eyeballs.

This video comes courtesy of YouTube user Snazzy AI, who took the Mario Kart experience on Nintendo Switch, which runs at 1080p, and then ramped it up to an eye-bleedingly clear Ultra HD 4K resolution. Naturally, to see the full beauty of Mario carting in 4K you'll need to watch the video above on a 4K resolution screen.

As is evident in the video, everything about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks so much better at 4K than at 1080p, with jagged edges obliterated and distanced objects appearing pin sharp.

The game continues to run at a 60 fps, too, so what we're seeing in this video is the Holy Grail of Nintendo Switch Pro hopes – a console that can run games at 4K and 60fps, which is the ideal new benchmark for all games going forward from 2021.

Now, of course, as things stand right now a Nintendo Switch Pro console has not been confirmed, and that has left us with some interesting concept designs of just how the system could look and what it will offer. It also means that as mouth-watering as this 4K Mario Kart footage looks, right now it remains very firmly in the ballpark of wishful thinking.

Here at T3 we think that while a Nintendo Switch Pro is coming, and that it will offer a higher resolution screen, we're not convinced that will stretch to 4K. We think this purely because the power the new Switch would need to power 60fps 4K experiences would be orders of magnitude greater than what is offered on Switch and would likely cause the cost of the console to be prohibitively high.

This video has definitely whetted our appetite for official Nintendo Switch Pro news even more, though, so here's hoping we hear something concrete soon.

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