We love these Angry Birds Movie Lego sets

Build Lego set, destroy lego set, re-build lego set

In the past, you used to make a Lego set, then it would sit somewhere for a while collecting dust, then get dismantled and put into a box.

That's no longer the case, as the recent Angry Bird Movie sets prove.

Once built, these then become playsets - a real-life Angry Birds app.

Sets start at the affordable Piggy Car Escape (£11.99) and Piggly Plane Attack (£19.99) pictured below:

And range up to our personal favourite the Piggy Pirate Ship (£59.99).

The ship features moving paddles and oars, sails, a winch, and a hidden compartment below deck.

And the range-topping King Pig's Castle (£74.99).

The castle features neat little actions, such as opening gates, spinning towers, a spiral egg chute and of course, the infamous Angry Birds catapult.

This set includes six eggs, six balloons, a cauldron, King Leonard, a red bird, Mightly Eagle, Chef Pig and a Foreman Pig.

Plenty of plastic pig terrorising fun.