Two former Valve employees are developing CastAR, augmented reality glasses

The concept is to project a miniature virutal reality into the real world

Two former Valve employees are working on a pair of augmented reality glasses called CastAR

The pair, who were part of the layoffs a few months ago, have continued to work on the pair of augmented reality glasses that were initially part of a project at Valve.

Programmer Rick Johnson and engineer Jeri Ellsworth have been developing the pair of glasses, called CastAR, for six days a week, 16+ hours a day ever since they were let go, The Verge reports.

Johnson and Ellsworth have launched their own company, Technical Illusions, and this weekend they unveiled the prototype for the CastAR at Maker Faire.

On Technical Illusions official site the pair describe the concept behind CastAR, "We take game quality graphics and project them into your world. This allows for real world social interaction while playing games and having new experiences with friends."

The Verge reports that CastAR is nothing like Google Glass or the Oculus Rift.

Its key components are a pair of miniature projects, a special retroreflective projector screen, active shutter glasses to filter images so as to be seen in 3D, and a camera built into the glasses to see infrared LEDs allowing the software to adjust the 3D perspective in real time so you can physically look around objects that don't even exist.

Source: The Verge

Image: Technical Illusions