Twinkly's new smart light curtain is the perfect addition to any gaming setup

Say hello to the Matrix light curtain...

Twinkly Matrix light curtain
(Image credit: Twinkly)

From Nanoleaf's first-ever outdoor smart lights to an AI smart mirror, we saw a huge amount of smart home news and product releases at CES 2024 last week. It was a seriously impressive few days, and now our wish lists are longer than ever. 

However, one piece of smart lighting news that appeared towards the end of the week was from Twinkly. Well known for its range of the best smart bulbs, the brand launched its Candies line last August and its Christmas collection in early November...and it's not stopping there. 

The Matrix light curtain is a fully mappable, customisable light display with the highest density of smart LEDs in the world. Features include screen mirroring options for Windows and gaming integrations, designed to create immersive and reactive live experiences. The ultra-vibrant, high-speed LEDs also deliver superior dynamic HD effects and fluid animations, all controlled via the app. 

Twinkly Matrix light curtain

(Image credit: Twinkly)

The Matrix curtain is part of Twinkly's ecosystem, meaning two or more Matrix curtains can be connected together or linked with other Twinkly lights for larger, synchronised installations. When paired with Twinkly Music, the Matrix can synchronise and dance to sounds in real time, and it's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

"At Twinkly, we pride ourselves in being pioneers when it comes to intelligent lighting. We thrive on innovation and patents, and with the Matrix, we're proud to say we've achieved this once again," says Twinkly's Co-Founder and CEO, Andrea Tellatin. "The Matrix isn't just a product. It's an experience that transforms any space into a canvas of light and colour by being the highest density LED curtain in the world."

The Matrix curtain is now available to purchase on Twinkly's website. It comes in two variants, the first being a 3.3/3.3ft model with 480 mappable LEDs and second being a 1.6/7.9ft model with 500 mappable LEDs.

Lizzie Wilmot
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