This smart mirror uses AI to read your mood, offer affirmations and manage stress

“Mirror mirror on the wall”, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror is the fairest of them all at CES 2024

Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror
(Image credit: Baracoda)

Smart home brand, Baracoda debuted its smart digital health and wellness mirror at CES 2024, and it might be the coolest piece of wellness tech I’ve ever seen. Designed to improve your mental health and help you manage stress, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror uses AI to determine your mood and offer ways to help you improve it.

We’ve been seeing lots of exciting tech at CES 2024, from home companion robots to transparent OLED TVs, but a mirror that talks to you sounds like it came straight out of a Disney movie. While you might not have to say “mirror mirror on the wall” to get it to communicate, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror is sure to give your bathroom a fun and futuristic upgrade.

This isn’t the first smart mirror to come from Baracoda as its first version debuted last year at CES 2023. The older Baracoda smart mirror focused on skin care analysis where it scanned your face and told you about your skin problems and what products to use to take better care of your skin. Setting itself apart from its predecessor, the newer Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror has been given plenty of AI-powered upgrades.

The Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror uses generational AI technology and natural language processing to communicate with its users. The smart mirror sits in your bathroom and acts as an AI voice assistant to help you get ready for the day and unwind in the evening.

Alongside its use of AI, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror has built-in features like a 4K ultra-HD camera, an omnidirectional microphone and Face ID, so you don’t even have to touch the mirror for it to work. The main focus of the new Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror is wellness and mental health, and the mirror uses this smart technology to determine the mood of its users to help them manage stress and other emotions.

The most exciting part of the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror is its ‘check-in’ feature. By analysing your expressions, gestures and tone, the mirror can determine your mood and will ask how you’re feeling. Depending on your response, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror can offer advice, affirmations, guided meditations and breathwork. It can also use light, sound and other visuals to help you prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for the day ahead.

In addition to its many wellness features, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror acts similar to virtual assistants like Alexa, so you can ask the mirror questions about the news and weather. It can also analyse your skin, monitor your water temperature and advise you on how to brush your teeth.

Another great thing about the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror is that you don’t need to download an app to use it. The Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror uses the CareOS platform which allows third-party providers and programmes from ThrivePal to connect applications for display within the mirror. Built with privacy in mind, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror stores your information locally and doesn’t share your details. As the mirror uses Face ID, this acts as your security pass as the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror won’t respond unless it recognises you.

While it might seem like a technologically step too far for some, the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror has been praised for its innovation, with the product being awarded the 2024 CES Innovation Award. It’s unclear when the Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror will be available to buy or how much it will cost, but being able to interact with a mirror like in Snow White might be the coolest thing to come out of this year’s CES event.

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