Three minutes and these three bodyweight exercises to tighten your abs

Do these four times a week, eat well and you'll eventually see those abs

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Can you ever have too many ab exercises? Never! After all, half of it comes down to finding the exercises you actually enjoy because, let's be honest, not all of them are ‘fun’ to do. If your goal is trying to achieve a six-pack, then you need to work your abs more than once a week and that’s where this workout comes in – there’s only three exercises and it’ll only take you three minutes. So, grab an exercise mat and your best workout shoes, we don’t want to hear any excuses with this workout!

We’ve said time and time again here at T3 that abs, first and foremost, come down to your diet. We all have them, but if you have a lot of body fat then they won’t be visible, therefore a low body fat percentage is what’s needed. To achieve this, you’ll need to lose weight healthily. Do this, alongside consistent ab and core exercises, and you’ll eventually have a ripped torso. 

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As we mentioned previously, this is a pretty snappy circuit so it is going to push you slightly harder than a five minute ab workout. The exercises are moderate, but there’s only three, so give them your best shot. You’ll do each one for 20 seconds, three times round and that will make up your three minutes. Here’s what they are:

  • Mountain climbers 
  • Side to side plank
  • Alternating crunch and toe tap

If you struggle with mountain climbers, just bring one knee to your chest at a time. Same with the side to side plank, if this is too hard, then do a knee plank instead. Can't touch your toes? Just crunch. Remember, there’s always ways that you can modify an exercise so that it’s more suitable to your ability. Try do this workout at least four times a week and get your nutrition in check and you'll be on your way to visible abs.

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