This Piaget watch is as thin as a coin, and features a stunning tourbillon

Piaget gives Bulgari a run for its money with its ultra-thin concept tourbillon

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon
(Image credit: Piaget)
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At Watches and Wonders, Piaget is showcasing its Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon, which is as thin as a coin.

A testament to expert watch manufacturing, the Piaget watch features a stunning flying tourbillon and an ultra-thin 41.5mm diameter and 2mm thickness.

Piaget has debuted a new Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon at Watches and Wonders 2024. To mark 150 years since the Maison was founded, Piaget has excelled itself with its latest novelty which is as thin as a coin, thanks to its 41.5mm diameter and 2mm thinness.

Piaget has set some serious records in its 150 years of watchmaking. In 1941, 67 years after it was first founded, Piaget invented the 9P, its first ultra-thin calibre. From there, Piaget went on to create its thinnest watch with the Altiplano Ultimate Concept in 2018.

That watch name might sound familiar, and that’s because the Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon is based on the one made in 2018, and has the same 2mm thickness as its predecessor. However, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon differs as it has a new 41.5mm diameter and a flying tourbillon, a seriously impressive complication, especially considering the size of the watch.

Looking at the Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon, it really is as thin as a coin. However, the slimness of it doesn’t take away from its design and technicality. Possessing all the features you’d want in an everyday watch, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon has a dial and hands, and is finished with a blue PVD-treated cobalt alloy case.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon

(Image credit: Piaget)

Like the original Altiplano Ultimate Concept, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon has a dial with indexes, hands and minutes off centre in the top right ‘corner’ of the watch. It’s displayed in black and gold, with mechanical cogs peaking through at the bottom. The founding year ‘1874’ is underneath the dial and just above a series of wheels and bolts.

Aside from the thinness, the most exciting part of the Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon is its flying tourbillon. Located at the 10 o’clock position, the tourbillon is captivating and has a seconds indicator engraved on its ring.

This ultra-thin watch from Piaget has definitely given Bulgari a run for its money, after the brand debuted its latest Octo Finissimo Ultra which set the record as the world’s thinnest watch with a 1.7mm thickness. While the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Tourbillon has missed out on that win, it does the thinnest watch with a tourbillon, an impressive feat in and of itself.

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