This new UI makes scrolling a thing of the past

Touch the screen and the menu starts moving

It's early days for smartwatches, so it's not surprising that the interfaces leave a lot to be desired. The screens are small, which means a lot of scrolling to get what you want. But one firm thinks it's found a way around this.

The Texas-based company is called Quantum Interface, and its UI is QiLaunch Wear. As soon as you touch the screen, the menu appears and starts scrolling. Then you just tap the icon you want.

Here's a video of it in action.

Not only is it quicker and easier to use than normal Android Wear, it will also save your smartwatch's battery, as you'll spend less time with the screen lit. And as we all know, battery life is one area where wearables could do with some help.

The firm also claims that it will soon be predictive – in other words, it will know what you want to do before you've done it, and make the necessary arrangements to help you do it quicker. Which sounds great. The only thing is, there's no word on how it will work. Obviously the firm is keen to keep its secrets. But with something as ambitious as this, we'd expect some word on how it'll function.

The video shows it working on Android Wear, and there's no word on whether it will come to other platforms. It's only in beta testing at the moment, but you can sign up to try it on the firm's website. You have to be invited to download the private beta, so expect to be vetted.