This LG freezer lets you see what’s inside without even opening the door

LG launches its first two-door fridge freezer with InstaView and MoodUP technology

LG InstaView Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with MoodUP
(Image credit: LG)

LG has just launched its new InstaView bottom freezer with MoodUP technology to Europe.

The new freezer marks the first time that LG ‘s two-door fridge freezer has InstaView, which illuminates the interior so you can see what’s inside your freezer without opening the door.

LG has just announced the launch of the new InstaView Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with MoodUP. Now available in Europe, LG’s latest freezer has been given significant smart upgrades, including the ability to see inside it without having to open the door.

Aside from its extensive range of best TVs, LG is well known for its kitchen appliances, specifically its best fridge freezers. Over the years, the brand has also taken significant steps to add smart home tech to its appliances, including the popular InstaView and MoodUP technology.

Its most recent launch is the LG InstaView Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with MoodUP that’s currently hitting the European market. As the first LG two-door fridge-freezer with InstaView, it’s got a clever design that focuses on keeping food fresher for longer and allowing you to customise your appliance, without even having to open the door.

When you knock the InstaView panel located on the new Bottom Freezer Refrigerator twice, the interior will illuminate so you can see what’s happening inside your freezer without having to open it up. Not only does this save you time, but it prevents cold air loss so it keeps your food at the optimal temperature.

The  LG InstaView Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with MoodUP also has a 4.3-inch LCD touch display or Cover Screen that helps you manage your fridge freezer and its smart features. For example, you can customise the temperature settings, check the time and leave reminders to your household with the ThinQ Diary which is accessible via the LG ThinQ app – a must have if you have lots of LG appliances.

LG MoodUP fridge freezer launch

(Image credit: LG)

Another fun and smart feature of the LG InstaView Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with MoodUP is its MoodUP technology. The MoodUp fridge freezer has been around for a while now, but now it’s available on the bottom freezer. MoodUP lets you change your fridge freezers’ colour to set the mood in your kitchen.

An LED lighting panel sits inside the door and lights up when you knock on it to use InstaView. There’s over 400 colour combinations to choose from, and there’s also a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can play songs from your fridge freezer while you cook or host dinner parties. 

Other notable features include colour panel notifications if you leave the door open for too long, and LINEARCooling technology that works to reduce changes in temperature to preserve your food’s freshness.

The LG InstaView Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with MoodUP is currently being rolled out in Europe and is available on the LG website.

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