LG’s MoodUP fridge freezer offers the fun musical light show I need in my kitchen

I visited the LG MoodUP Forest and I need its new smart fridge freezer

LG MoodUP fridge freezer launch
(Image credit: LG)

Despite being Home Editor at T3, I never thought I’d be much interested in big kitchen appliances, like washing machines or fridge freezers. But since moving house, I’ve found myself excitedly scrolling through websites and flicking through catalogues to find my next kitchen appliance… and I think I’ve found it in the new LG MoodUP fridge freezer.

Best known for its range of the best LG TVs and the best fridge freezers, LG has found a clever way to almost combine the two with its MoodUP fridge. Announced earlier this year, the LG MoodUP fridge is the perfect example of where technology meets artistry, and brings a pop of colour and fun to your kitchen.

LG MoodUP is a feature that’s built into the LG InstaView fridge, a smart refrigerator which is compatible with LG ThinQ, an app that uses AI technology and voice control to manage and monitor your appliances. The double doors (four doors in total) have colour changeable LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity, that transforms your kitchen into a dance floor with bursts of light and sound.

The top right door has LG’s InstaView technology, where you knock twice on the door and you get to see into the contents of your fridge without opening the doors. Ideal for those who are in a rush, this feature keeps the cold in to ensure food stays fresher for longer, and if you’re having guests over, InstaView also makes for a good wine cooler fridge.

At IFA 2023, LG announced new models to the MoodUP line-up, specifically the LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer. I was invited to visit the LG MoodUP Forest at IFA and got to see the new fridge freezer in action, and it might be the coolest refrigeration appliance I’ve ever seen.

The LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer is designed ‘to add a touch of fun to your lifestyle’, with its MoodUP colour changing door panels. For people who don’t have enough room for a four door fridge freezer, the LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer is a two door model so will fit into most kitchens, especially smaller spaces.

With a 4.3-inch full touch LCD screen, the LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer displays the time, images and notes that you can leave for your family, friends or partner. Despite its smaller size, the LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer has integrated Bluetooth speakers so you can play music and set the tone alongside the colourful lighting for your dinner parties or family mealtimes.

Similar to the ethos behind the LG Smart Cottage, LG has a strong focus on sustainability, and the MoodUP LED panels work to reduce resource consumption and waste. The new LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer does this with its customised temperature control settings that extend food’s freshness to help prevent unnecessary food waste. Its LED panels are also made with eco-conscious and recycled materials.

I never thought I’d become obsessed with a fridge freezer before, but here we are! After getting to see the LG MoodUP InstaView Bottom Freezer at IFA 2023, I can’t wait for it to be available to buy so I can set up my own musical light shows in my kitchen.

Bethan Girdler-Maslen
Home Editor

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