The Xbox Series X colour we all desperately wanted just leaked 😍

A photo circulating online has revealed that the Microsoft's Xbox Series X won't just be available in black

Xbox Series X
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Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X at the tail end of last year, with an interesting design change that saw it go from a hefty, rectangular box to a uniform black monolith. It wasn't as drastic as the PS5 design, but it's different enough from the Xbox One to make a statement while blending in with the rest of your entertainment centre.

That's clearly a concern for those considering the PS5, with the potentially huge console sticking out like a sore thumb - and why fan renders of a plain black edition have generated so much buzz, and news of a black and red edition that seems like it could be official has players excited. But for Xbox fans who aren't afraid to stand out, news of a brand new colourway will be music to their ears.   

A Reddit user (via Thurrrott) claims to have spotted a white Xbox controller at (what we hope was a socially distanced) party at the house of a Microsoft exec in Washington, although the bash was being thrown by the exec's child. The OP quickly took the photo down, but of course it was too late, and now it's on the internet forever.  

The Xbox controller looks like the newest one, with the recognisable d-pad, and share button, indicating that this is either for a white version of the Xbox Series X, or the controller for the Xbox Series S - the all-digital edition expected to launch alongside or shortly after the console, that'll go head-to-head with the PS5 all-digital edition

(Image credit: Thurrott)

The white colourway for the digital-only console wouldn't be too much of a surprise - Microsoft did the same thing this console generation with the Xbox One S, launching the console in Robot White rather than black. The console was later released in Storm Grey and Deep Blue, but white was the original choice for the Xbox One's little brother. 

While we have no way of verifying the image, it does seem pretty real, and isn't too far removed from what Microsoft has done previously. Of course, the controller could be for a white version of the Xbox Series X, but we'll have to wait and see. We're still waiting on Microsoft and Sony to confirm the price, pre-order information, and launch dates for their respective consoles, but as we start gearing up for the holiday season, all should be revealed in due course.

Source: Thurrotts

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