PS5 Black Edition looks even better than the white console

Sony has veered away from the traditional black box, but this special edition PS5 looks amazing

PS5 Black Edition concept
(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/ LetsGoDigital)

The PS5 has been unveiled in all its shiny, white glory, leaving fans slightly taken aback at Sony's deviation from the standard black rectangle we'e come to expect from our consoles - even Microsoft's Xbox Series X hasn't strayed far from the cookie cutter oblong.

The aesthetic has been divisive, with some people applauding the design, and others not so keen, but even the most vocal critics have been won over by the stunning array of fan-made mock-ups and concept videos for PS5 special editions which have been confirmed as something we can look forward to by Sony - and the latest one is a doozy.

The PlayStation 5 Black Edition comes courtesy of Giuseppe Spinelli, who created concept images and a video with LetsGoDigital showcasing what a black version of the console might look like. Spinelli mocked up the PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, and DualSense controller in its sleek, new colourway, and if Sony wasn't already thinking about releasing a model in black, these gorgeous renders should give it food for thought. 

Fans have been speculating on the size of the console since the reveal, with best guesses using the disc drive as a jumping off point; Spinelli has hopped on the bandwagon, including a render of the black PS5 sitting next to the Xbox Series X for a rough size comparison. 

Black PS5 concept

(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinnelli/ LetsGoDigital)

For those of you who would prefer something little more ostentatious than both the black or white console, we can keep our fingers crossed that Sony will consider launching hardware themed around upcoming video games - like the Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Forbidden West PS5 renders.  

Outside of the white PS5, and confirmation of future special editions, Sony hasn't said one way or the other whether the white variant will be accompanied by a black counterpart, or whether it's the new standard colour, but thanks to the community, we've got a glimpse of the possibilities, and we'll no doubt see more fan renders in the run up to release. 

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