The Homedics Drift might be the weirdest wellness device I’ve ever seen

I’m both confused and hypnotised by the Homedics Drift…

Homedics Drift wellness device
(Image credit: Homedics)

The wellness world has well and truly taken over, with more and more people prioritising healthy habits for a happier mindset. In particular, wellness wearables are slowly but surely becoming a big thing like the Moonbird and Melo breathing devices, and smart rings like the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the Ultrahuman Ring Air. But I think I might have found the weirdest yet hypnotising wellness device yet.

Enter the Homedics Drift, a passive wellness device that’s designed to help people slow down, find inner peace and be more present. For those new to Homedics, the brand is known for its range of best massagers like the Homedics Everybody Shiatsu Massage Pillow and other wellness products, like sound machines, the best oil diffusers and spa and beauty essentials.

Initially when I saw the Homedics Drift, I thought it looked like a big sand bowl… and I was entirely wrong! It’s a kinetic sand table that creates patterns using a small silver metal sphere that moves slowly and hypnotically across the sand. Designed to create a calming environment, the ball creates artistic patterns and shapes in the sand to increase focus and reduce stress.

The Homedics Drift has hundreds of patterns to choose from, as well as ambient LED lighting that’s easy to customise to set the mood in your home and enhance your meditation practice. Other than the intricate sand patterns, the Homedics Drift has a simple and sleek matte finish that’s available in black or white colourways.

As a wellness device, the Homedics Drift comes with an accompanying app which makes the sand table easy to control with your smartphone. On the app, users can select the patterns, lighting, speed and brightness of the Homedics Drift to completely customise each use. You can also schedule sessions and pick different design playlists to further set the tone.

The Homedics Drift is a fun combination of tech, wellness and art… and I think I need it in my house! I think the Homedics Drift is a fun look into what wellness devices can be. Unlike other wellness wearables, the Homedics Drift doesn’t come with tons of statistics and monitoring features like the best smartwatches and smart rings. Even the Moonbird is packed full of health tracking features while it coaches you to breathe better.

But the Homedics Drift takes things back to basics and slows everything down. It’s meant to be looked at and enjoyed, and after seeing it in action, I felt instantly relaxed. For people who find meditation difficult or like to watch things to wind down and destress, the Homedics Drift could be the answer to these problems.

The Homedics Drift is available to buy at Homedics or select retailers like Amazon for £275.

Bethan Girdler-Maslen
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