The Google Pixel 7a should be unveiled in May

Here's when you're likely to see the latest a-series Pixel and lots more of Android 14

Best Google Pixel 6a deals
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The Pixel 6a (pictured) is one of the best phones for budget buyers, or for anyone who wants the purest Android experience: in our review we said it was one of the best Android phones for purists. But it felt like a relatively minor step up from the Pixel 6, so it'll be interesting to see what Google has in mind for the Pixel 7a.

We won't have to wait long to find out. It seems highly likely that Google will show off the Pixel 7a, and other Android-related goodies, at its Google I/O event on the 10th of May. I'm hoping that the new Pixel has some of the features we've heard about in the most recent Pixel 7a rumours, because they're pretty tasty.

What to expect from Google I/O 2023

If previous reports are correct, we should see the new Pixel gain a smoother 90Hz display similar to the ProMotion on some iPhones, and its adjustable refresh rate should help with battery life too. Some rumours have suggested a ceramic body rather than the Gorilla Glass Victus of the Pixel 7, and that's not as unlikely as it may sound: Google has said it'll be using a ceramic body on its Pixel Tablet, so it clearly has the materials and know-how to bring it to a Pixel phone too.

Visually it's not going to be significantly different, although new colours are possible, and inside we're expecting to find a Google Tensor G2 processor inside and reverse wireless charging for your Pixel Buds. 

If you're serious about shooting photos, the rumoured upgrade to a 50MP camera would give the 7a the same camera as the Pixel 6 but with a more modern Sony sensor.

The Pixel phones' job is to show off Android as Google intended, and you can expect to see lots of Android 14 at the event. I wouldn't expect the Pixel 7a to ship with Android 14 from the get-go – the Android roadmap suggests the final version won't be ready until August, a few weeks after the new Pixel is likely to ship – but it'll be one of the first big updates for the phone shortly after launch.

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