Google Pixel Tablet Pro existence confirmed by source code

A popular Google Pixel leaker has found reference to the Pixel Pro tablet hidden in Google code

Google Pixel Tablet
(Image credit: Google)

After the success of the Google Pixel 7 range and the Google Pixel Watch, many are looking forward to the release of the Google Pixel Tablet, to complete the new era of the Google Pixel ecosystem

The Pixel Tablet is expected in 2023, with a pre-release version leaking on Facebook Marketplace recently. But now, source code has been unearthed which suggests the Pixel Tablet model we have already seen may not be alone.

According to Kuba Wojciechowski, a tipster with a decorated history of leaking Google Pixel information from source code, there is reference in some new camera details to "PixelTangorPro". As "PixelTangor" is the name given to the Google Pixel Tablet, it's reasonable to assume there is a Pixel Tablet Pro in existence.

So what can we expect from a Google Pixel Tablet Pro? At this point, it's hard to say, as very little is known. I'd assume that it would feature the same overall aesthetic as the regular Google Pixel Tablet, with the ceramic back panel that Google were so vocal about at the Pixel launch event.

Given that the base model Pixel Tablet has been rumoured to ship with the older Tensor G1 chip, it's reasonable to expect that a Pro variant could utilise the newer Tensor G2. We've seen that in the similarly monikered Google Pixel 7 Pro and the results are breathtaking, with AI-powered features and machine learning that drastically enhances the overall user experience.

It's also entirely possible that a Pro variant would take on a different aesthetic, to appeal to professional applications in a similar way to the iPad Pro. The design brief for the vanilla Pixel Tablet was to fuse the tablet with a charging speaker dock, to effectively make it a smart home hub when it wasn't being used like a traditional tablet. It's unlikely that a device aimed squarely at professional uses would double up as a home hub, though the same technology could be utilised to stand the device magnetically. 

Of course, it's equally possible that this is just a prototype or a trial device that will never see the light of day, too. The Pixel Tablet is very likely to launch in 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates as that day draws nearer.

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