The Google Pixel ecosystem is Android's best chance to rival Apple

Android lovers might finally have an answer to the iPhone and MacBook setup

Google Pixel 7
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Hi, my name's Sam, and I'm an Apple addict.

Maker of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, the Californian giant has nailed its interconnectivity. With an Apple ecosystem, I can finish a text I started on my phone when I open my laptop. I can copy card details from my banking app and input them on my iPad when I'm shopping. 

And it's never really had a proper rival. I always assumed Samsung would build a range of products that could really compete with the Apple ecosystem on Android OS. But it doesn't look like that's the case.

One of the best bits about Apple's range is that no product lags behind. If you take a base model from each pillar, it's perfectly adequate for a large percentage of people. You get the same cross-device functionality, too. Then, if you want a better phone, laptop or watch, you simply upgrade that element. 

No one pillar has ever been leaps and bounds ahead of the others – I'd say the iPhone 14 is as good a phone as the Apple Watch Series 8 is a smartwatch, for example.

Samsung's phones have always been their cornerstone, and, while their other devices are good, they never hit comparable highs.

But now, I think that's changing. For the first time ever, it looks like we might have a properly worthy rival across multiple platforms. Enter the Google Pixel.

Why a Google Pixel ecosystem works

The Pixel range of products satisfies the point made above – no one pillar is substantially better in its field than another. I say that, of course, based to an extent on rumours, as the Google Pixel Tablet and Google Pixel Watch are still yet to officially be revealed.

The soon-to-be-announced Google Pixel 7 range will stack up nicely, with the Google Pixel 7 Pro offering a larger device, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Pixel Watch pricing leaks suggest it will retail somewhere between the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 8. I'd argue that there's space in the line for different models, though it's worth noting that this will be Google's first foray into smartwatches.

We know the Pixel Watch will stack up in the fitness tracking department, though, thanks to deep integration with Fitbit. Little is known about exactly what that integration will look like, but I'd expect nothing less than top-tier performance for fitness lovers.

The Pixel Tablet remains relatively concealed. Although we've seen a handful of images, nothing has been formally announced yet. However, from the rumours that have been released, we can expect at least two variants – the standard and a Pro model – with a 10.95-inch display. It's tough to compare them without knowing specs, but that sounds a lot like the iPad Air and iPad Pro model ethos.

The render we've seen also has a magnetic connection on the back, suggesting there may be a keyboard attachment you can buy. That could prove to be important in the long run, as Google's laptop range is quite limited.

The Google Pixelbook Go is the only current model in their range. It roughly equates to the MacBook Air in terms of spec and size, though I think Apple's offering is better here than Google's. You could, in theory, use any Chromebook, but that starts to stray away from a Pixel ecosystem.

Google Pixel ecosystem: who would use it?

Objectively speaking, the Pixel range looks set to offer a really enticing package for Android lovers. It's only really let down by it's laptop offering. But a good chunk of users wont need that – maybe they get given a work computer, or simply don't have a task for a dedicated computer that they couldn't get done with a phone or a tablet.

For those people, the Google Pixel ecosystem is really enticing. Come October 6th, when the new Pixel products launch, I can imagine lots of users will make up the first generation of Google ecosystem addicts. Welcome to the club.

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