The Google Pixel Tablet just leaked on Facebook – here's what you need to know

Google's long anticipated iPad rival will fuse tablet and smart home technology

Google Pixel Tablet
(Image credit: Google)

With the release of the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro earlier this year, many saw Google as finally having a handset that could compete with the best phones on the market. Now, many users are calling for wider improvements to the Google Pixel ecosystem, to enhance the overall user experience.

We've already seen the release of the Google Pixel Watch, signalling Google's first foray into the smartwatch realm. We've also seen a number of reports, leaks and teasers about the Google Pixel Tablet.

Now, an alleged pre-release model of the Pixel Tablet has been listed on Facebook Marketplace in the USA, giving us the first glimpse of the overall package that could be on offer. It's worth noting that there is no confirmation of this being official, though it looks accurate compared to the renders that Google released. The images have been shared by ShrimpApplePro, a respected leaker for Apple devices. Granted, it's a little out of their usual remit, but it gives the images some credence.

The main image shows three parts: the tablet itself, the charging plug and the docking station. Nothing major to report here – we've already seen images of the tablet and the dock, and the charging brick, while a bit bulky-looking, is nothing to write home about. The cable looks decently long, though.

The use of a separate docking mount was unveiled at the Pixel launch event. Google claim that 80% of the time, traditional tablets are left out of charge or stored in a drawer. By using a mount, the Pixel Tablet should spend more time as the hub of your home, and less time as a costly paperweight.

The tablet has some pretty chunky bezels on show. It's nothing monstrous, but they're noticeable, particularly as the trend for ever-shrinking bezels continues. It's a bit of a shame, though, as the Pixel phones have beautifully slim bezels, and continuing that trend on other devices would have given a brilliantly sleek appearance.

An image of the settings panel shows that this is a 256GB model. It also lists 70% battery as having "about 15hr, 54min left". If my GCSE maths serves me well, that should make a full 100% charge about 23 hours, which will be perfect for most users.

We haven't heard much about pricing for the Tablet, but I suspect the $400 listing is in the right ballpark, if a little on the low end. The Pixel Watch was priced in between the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE, and I can see them taking a similar approach with their first tablet. If they are aiming to split the price point of the iPad (10th Generation) and the iPad Air (5th generation), we can expect it to retail around £580 / $525 / AU$850.

The Pixel Tablet is slated for release in 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for more developments in the next few months.

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