The Elf x Crocs collaboration is everything I want this Christmas

The Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs are silly and ridiculous… and I need a pair

Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs
(Image credit: Crocs)

Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? I’m going to go ahead and say no, mainly because I’m over excited about the upcoming Elf x Crocs collaboration. Whether you love or hate the foam footwear brand, its new Christmas-inspired shoes are sure to be a hit this festive season… and I need a pair of them.

The Crocs brand continues to rise in popularity, despite its Marmite reputation. Expanding into different styles of footwear, Crocs has delved into heeled shoes with its partnership with renowned fashion house Balenciaga and has even made its own Crocs Classic Cowboy Boots!

Not only do Crocs collaborate with big name brands, but it also has fun collections inspired by Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Pokémon and Star Wars franchises. For me, the film, TV and gaming designs are my favourite, including the exclusive Shrek Crocs and the ‘so ugly, they’re good’ Minecraft x Crocs.

For the upcoming festive season, Crocs is collaborating with one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, Elf, for a fun holiday-themed pair of shoes. Are the Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs ridiculous? Yes, but if you can’t get enough of Christmas, they’re a lot of fun and let you live out your childhood dreams of becoming a Christmas elf (sort of).

The Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs take inspiration from Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy. They look similar to classic elf shoes but with the Crocs aesthetic. Reminiscent of Buddy’s elf coat, the shoes are in a dark green colour with yellow soles. The inside of the shoes are lined with fluffy white fur which overflows onto the top of the shoe to look like Buddy’s fur trimmed collar.

The back of the shoes are my favourite part of the Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs. The strap of the shoe is decorated in the style of Buddy’s belt buckle which just adds more fun and whimsy to the design. As they are, the Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs already scream Elf, but never one to keep things minimal, Crocs also has Elf-inspired Jibbitz charms for further decoration.

The Jibbitz charms for the Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs include the Elf movie logo, Buddy’s hat and classic quotes, including ‘Omg! Santa! I know him!’ and ‘Does someone need a hug?’. The interchangeable badges can be attached and removed via the holes on the Crocs.

Can you wear the Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs outside? Potentially, as the lining will add some warmth but I’d stick to the winter boots and save the Crocs for walking around the house. I want them, I need them and I think they’d make the best Christmas gift for Elf movie fans and Crocs lovers alike.

The Elf x Crocs Classic Clogs aren’t yet available but they’re predicted to drop closer to Christmas on the Crocs website.

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