Crocs reveals exclusive Shrek Collab and I want 'em

The wait is nearly ogre, you can soon wear Shrek’s head on your feet

Crocs x Shrek
(Image credit: Crocs)

Crocs isn’t shy of a red hot collaboration. A couple of years ago, it released a limited run Lightning McQueen edition (from Disney Pixar’s Cars, in case you've been living under a rock) and it sold out almost immediately. So much so, Crocs is bringing it back and you’ll have to join a waiting list to nab a pair.

So far, streetwear brand Palace, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, pop sensation Post Malone and even high fashion sweethearts Balenciaga have produced rubbery, limited edition footwear that has been gobbled up by fashionistas. 

But in a further, animation-inspired move, Crocs has also teamed with DreamWorks for an exclusive Crocs Classic Clog that looks distinctly like the swamp-loving, stench-bathing ogre voiced by Mike Myers in the smash hit family film Shrek.

Sporting mottled green "skin", a pudgy nose and Shrek’s instantly recognisable ears, which have been immortalised in Croc’s "Jibbitz" form - the name given to the cute charms you shove through the shoe’s perforations - this is as close to wearing Shrek’s decapitated head on your feet as you can get. We can imagine Princess Fiona wouldn’t be too happy about that.

Crocs x Shrek

(Image credit: Crocs)

What’s more, the heel strap has been covered in a plush brown shearling material – a nod to the ogre’s famous choice of homemade gilet – and Shrek branding is stamped across the sole and on the flanks… just in case passers-by needed some assistance placing them.

According to the New York Post, they have already been branded "the ugliest shoes" ever, but that has not stopped me from so deeply wanting a pair, I'm willing to wrestle kids for a place in the queue. I'm not joking.

Set to retail at $59.99 for adult sizes, or $49.99 and $44.99 for child and toddler sizes respectively, they are set to go live in the USA on 13 September at 12pm ET on and at selected retail stores throughout the country. 

Unfortunately, there’s no official word on whether we will be seeing these beastly, yet surprisingly convenient shoes on UK and European shores. But you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a few pacing the cobbles of Shoreditch in the coming weeks.

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