New Minecraft x Crocs collection is incredibly ugly and unbelievably tempting – I'll probably buy a pair

Must... resist...buying... another... pair... of... Crocs!

Minecraft x Crocs Collection
(Image credit: Crocs)

Like many romantic relationships, my affair with Crocs started as quite the opposite of love. I loathed the boat shoes for their clunkiness and sheer ugliness. Then, gradually, my hate turned to first curiosity, then acceptance and finally, love. I bought my first pair of Crocs last Black Friday, and I've been wearing them ever since. Now, with the announcement of the Minecraft x Crocs line, I think it's high time I got a new pair.

The new Minecraft-themed Crocs are said to bridge the gaming world with style and comfort, "powering imagination through Crocs and the infinite possibilities of play in Minecraft," Crocs says. The full Minecraft x Crocs collection includes two Classic Clogs (one for adults and one for kids), two Classic Elevated Clogs (one for adults and one for kids), which come with four flat Jibbitz charms and four 3D Jibbitz charms (this is the one I'm going to get for sure), and a Classic Slide (available in adult sizes).

Also included in the new collection are two unique sets of Minecraft-themed Jibbitz charms to turn any pair of Crocs into a Minecraft adventure, including a 5-pack of flat charms featuring Steve, Alex, an Enderman, a creeper, and a pig, as well as an exclusive 13-pack of 3D charms featuring various characters, mobs, and blocks. Finally – and it makes sense this was included –  an in-game pair of Minecraft x Crocs, available for free download in the Minecraft Dressing Room.

If interested (of course you are), mark your calendars for 16 February 2023, when Minecraft fans can shop the limited-edition collection available worldwide at Crocs, Amazon, Foot Locker and Journeys. If you can't wait until then, check out what's currently on sale at Crocs US, Crocs UK and Crocs AU.

Matt Kollat
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