I bought my first clogs in Crocs' Black Friday Sale!

The ugly shoes and slippers are back in fashion – I'll start building my Crocs collection this Black Friday

Crocs Black Friday sale
(Image credit: Crocs)

I tried to resist, but I couldn't – I bought some Crocs (these ones (opens in new tab))! For many years, I thought Crocs were the ugliest-looking footwear you can buy; they are clunky and instantly recognisable, which is not something you want when you wear ugly shoes. Over the years, my strong dislike turned into admiration. Now, on Black Friday, I time came to get my first pair of Crocs.

Shop Crocs Black Friday sale in the US (opens in new tab)

Shop Crocs Black Friday sale in the UK (opens in new tab)

Shop Crocs Black Friday sale in the AU (opens in new tab)

There are many models to choose from, from lined all-weather clogs to sliders and boots. Sadly, the Sasquatch model (opens in new tab) isn't included in the sale (it's already sold out), but the Classic Lined Tie-Dye Clog (opens in new tab) (winter's coming, after all) and the Baya Printed Lined Clogs (opens in new tab) are still good to go, y'all!

Amazon UK also has its Crocs Black Friday sale on (opens in new tab); the Classic All Terrain Terrazzo Clog (opens in new tab) would be a nice addition to any footwear collection. How about the Classic Animal Remix Clog (opens in new tab)? So many options! How can I make a decision? Maybe I should buy more than just one pair. After all, the floodgates are already open, so I might as well start building a proper Crocs collection.

And just to make sure I can wear my new Crocs in style, I'll get a few Crocs socks, which also happen to be on offer (opens in new tab). Since they are so cheap, I might as well get a pair for the fam, so we can all enjoy the Crocs experience. The purple Kids' Classic Slipper (opens in new tab) looks dope; I'm sure my pre-teen son will be delighted to put them on. And my significant other can stroll around town wearing the Women's Classic Platform Clog (opens in new tab). Perfect.

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