The best PS4 game deals of the week

Get the best prices on the best PS4 games this week

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Let's take a look at the best PS4 game deals this week. Sony's console continues to leave the competition in the dust and we've rounded up the best prices on this week's most popular games.

It'll come as no surprise to see Kratos's new action adventure still selling so well after its release late last month and we think it's going to keep going strong for some time yet. With the World Cup getting closer, FIFA 18 isn't leaving the charts anytime soon as we're used to seeing it outsell far newer games on a regular basis. Far Cry 5 is still hanging in there too, with its new adventure set in the beautiful Montana mountains.

It's a strong trio of titles with some nice variety as far as gameplay goes. We've listed a selection of the hottest PS4 game prices below from a range of retailers. We assume you already have a PS4 if you're reading this, but maybe you've been looking for an excuse to upgrade to a PS4 Pro? We've found a sweet bundle for you too.

god of war cheapest deals prices

#1: God of War

We've just finished God of War and yep, it's pretty damn special. It's arguably the best-looking game on the market right now (especially when played on a PS4 Pro on a 4K HDR TV) and a photo mode has just been added via an update too. God of War on PS4 has the gameplay and the story to back up the visuals; combat has been completely redesigned and playing through with Kratos' son works wonders for giving Kratos some much-needed depth. He's still a bit angry though, so don't mention his dad. Or the Gods. Or ask where his quick time events have gone. Or when the game's going to available for less.

FIFA 18 deals cheapest prices

#2: FIFA 18

Now's a great time to pick up FIFA 18 as we're seeing the prices dip under £30 more often nowadays - it's been selling so well since last year that stores haven't needed to discount it. More importantly, EA just announced that the World Cup 2018 DLC expansion is coming May 29th for FREE! That's right, free to owners of FIFA 18. All the official teams, kits and stadia for zilch. This is a great move as we remember when EA used to release the World Cup/Euros as separate games or as premium paid DLC, so FIFA 18 marks the best value release in the long-running series for years and the only realistic chance you'll see England lift the trophy.

far cry 5 deals prices cheapest

#3: Far Cry 5

Look, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a long way off, we can't bring it any closer. But how about a trip to modern-day Montana? It's got similar mountain landscapes, wildlife-packed forests, breezy meadows and oh, a mad doomsday cult that's essentially holding an entire county against its will - no not the Trump administration you cheeky scamp. You're here to save the day though in this epic open-world adventure from Ubisoft. Expect help from recruitable locals, dogs and even grizzly bears. Because why not. That's why.

PS4 bundle of the week

White or black PS4 Pro | God of War | £349.99 at Argos
If you're looking for an excuse to buy a PS4 Pro and a 4K HDR TV, then God of War is that game, arguably pushing Horizon: Zero Dawn off the PS4's 'best-looking game' throne. This PS4 Pro bundle is available with either the black or white console and essentially throws the game in for free too.View Deal

White PS4 Pro $399.99 at GameStop
The white PS4 Pro is only available at GameStop for the USA. With many stores sold out of both versions, this is one of the best PS4 Pro deals around right now as third-party sellers have jacked up the prices. You can get the black PS4 Pro for $399 at Walmart if you'd prefer that one.
View Deal