The best gear for cycling: electric bikes, apps, clothing and more

Laying out the kit you need, so you can take back the time to enjoy it

You’re on the hunt for the right gear to suit the situation and don’t have the time to spend trawling the interwebs. Fear not T3 is here.

This guide will offer you the best of the best, the cream of the crop, so you know what to buy for what you need - no matter what it is.

This week we’re rounding up the important kit you’ll need for cycling to work. On 13 September it's the national Cycle to Work Day. The idea is to promote cycling to, you guessed it, work. That means getting regular cyclists as well as newbs into a two wheeled way to commute. This is better for the environment, enhances health and even saves money. What's not to love? Sweat. True. But with an electric bike even that can be avoided. 

We've rounded up the best of the best when it comes to bikes so you can find the cycle path to a better commute. This might just change your days forever. 

Best electric bikes

Tear up that Travelcard, it's time to try a new way of commuting: electric bike. And when it comes to the best electric bike, there's only one choice for us at the moment - the Gtech eBike. And, if we're being specific, the Gtech eBike Sports. For under £1,000, you get a stunning e-bike that actually looks like a bike.

The Gtech eBike Sports also boasts a 30-mile maximum range, is simple to operate and charge and adjusts speed well. That's why it's our choice for the best electric bike. But there are lots of other factors to consider that might point you toward a different eBike. The link below will guide you to the best electric bikes to buy, in order of preference, but also noting what we think each one is 'best for'. Allez!

Best bike apps

Remember when Mr Bradley Wiggins tore up the Tour De France and then he walked away with Olympic gold? For many of us, seeing the successful British Olympian in action was all the convincing we needed to let our sideburns grow freely and get on our bikes.

But if you've waited for that big ball of fire up in the sky to show up before hitting the road on one of the best bikes to buy, below is our guide to the best cycling apps to convince you to keep on riding. From popular and established apps like Strava to less known gems like SizeMyBike, we’ve got all the apps that are good right here for you to discover. If these don’t ignite your passion for cycling then you need to seek help. That or read our other best of guides about bikes.

Best Bike Apps: Top cycling apps to download

Best cycling clothes

Do you shun technical, Lycra cycle gear? Prefer a less vigorous mode of cycling, especially on a single-speed bike? 

Okay, you're still here, so we assume you LOVE technical, Lycra cycle gear. Given that it protects you from the elements, aids top two-wheeled performance and leaves little to the imagination, what's not to love, really?

Many a cycle-owning gent now has a selection of Lycra outfits amongst his PE kit, and there's nothing wrong with that, so long as it co-ordinates, and you have the physique and/or the gumption to pull it off. The same body fat percentage as a locust is advisable.

Obviously, mismatched bargain bin bits will no longer pass muster, but fear not: with stylish ex-pros lining up to design cool clobber and ever more technical fabrics, you've no excuse to not look the business on your bike, especially in summer, when everyone looks, ahem, 'sexier'.

Best cycling clothing and bike wear for easy riding in the winter rain

Best road bikes

The best road bikes under £2,000 will NOT be taking part in the world's greatest cycling race, the Tour de France.

However, we bet the sight of 198 skin-suited psychopaths, burning 3,519km across France as fast as they can, on bikes that cost more than most family cars, has got you thinking about upgrading your own bicycle.

Competitors in the Grande Boucle will tackle nine mountain stages, battle two individual time trails and spend just two days in three weeks nursing saddle sores, resting legs and generally questioning their sanity.

If that hasn't spurred you on to want to achieve more on a bike, we can't help you. But if you want to dominate the next sportive, boss your local time trial, or glide past Bromptons whilst adjusting your tie, here's a selection of rides that won't break the bank, but will give you a massive injection of speed.

10 best road bikes: serious carbon and steel bicycles

Best bike lights

Bicycle lights are essential in the dark, despite what some London cyclists seem to believe. Now the clocks have gone back, it's dark at about 3pm in the UK. Meanwhile, the streets are both thick with traffic and trafficked by the thick.

Even the most fashion-conscious rider should also consider employing hi-viz kit in twilight and at night, too.

Yes, yes, we know that black cycling kit is cool, manly and very, very slimming but the night sky also tends to be black. That means no-one will see how dandy you look if you go monochrome after dark – and that includes drivers of 7.5-tonne trucks.

Best bike lights and hi-viz gear for cycling at night, and through long, dark tunnels