Sony announces 'Cross Buy'

Sony says certain PS3 titles will include PS Vita versions for no extra charge

Sony have announced a 'Cross Buy' initiative at Gamescom, whereby consumers who purchase certain PS3 titles get a PS Vita version free

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO for Europe, Jim Ryan, announced at Gamescom that consumers who buy select first-party Sony exclusives for the PS3 console will be able to redeem a copy of their purchase for the PS Vita platform - and vice versa.

"Consumers want to interact with their content at any time, across any number of devices," said Ryan. "The game experience is no longer an individual pastime. It's an always-on, highly connected form of entertainment."

Players can already see the seeds of 'Cross Buy' in the recently released Motor Storm: RC and Sound Shapes, which are both downloadable, but relatively small in size. PS Vita owners who also own WipEout 2048 can compete in online races against PS3 players who own WipEout HD. The new 'Cross Buy' initiative will extend to full retail titles like PlayStation All-Stars, Ratchet & Clank Q-Force and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

The move is clearly an attempt by Sony to boost sales figures for the PS Vita by making it more appealing to more PS3 owners. Earlier this month Sony confirmed that combined sales for the PS Vita and PSP stood at 1.4 million units for the last financial quarter, yet didn't state what portion of those sales were new Vita units. The PSP sold 1.8 million units during the same period in the previous year.