OnePlus 13 could come with a significant boost in one key area

A whole host of specs for the next-gen Android phone have been leaked

The OnePlus 12 in Flowy Emerald on a pink and grey background
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Rumours have emerged about the OnePlus 13.

That's the next generation handset, and it sounds like it's going to have some top upgrades in key areas.

It's fair to say the pace on innovation among the best Android phones on the market is quicker than ever. A wealth of brands both big and small are marketing products which push the envelope, forcing the whole field to up its game in turn.

That's exactly what we're hearing about the OnePlus 13. While that device isn't expected for at least another six months, a whole host of spec have been revealed by the notorious leaker, Digital Chat Station.

While a couple of key spec points are discussed, the most notable is a new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. That would signal an upgrade from the optical scanner loaded into the current OnePlus 12.

We learn a little more about that display, too. The rumour suggests it will be a 6.8-inch micro-curved OLED panel. That's also said to be a 2K panel, with an adaptive refresh rate.

On the back, the device will continue to utilise a periscope telephoto camera. However, the unit is said to utilise a higher optical zoom than the current model. That would be a welcome upgrade for users, who could utilise a greater range for their shot-snapping capabilities.

Inside, the device is said to pack a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor. That's not yet released, but is expected to arrive later this year – usually around November. It's unlikely to be the first though – that honour is said to be bestowed upon Xiaomi.

Still, that's a pretty mega suite of upgrades. Sure, these sound more like marginal gains rather than sweeping changes, but those can be just as important overall.

It's worth noting, though, that these are early rumours. As such, it's worth taking them with a pinch of salt. Even if these are true to what is in testing right now, a lot can change before the device actually gets released. That could lead to an end product which looks very different to what we're currently envisioning.

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