In-flight seatback entertainment just got more personal

Create a watch party with fellow travellers and much more

JetBlue Blueprint In-flight Entertainment System
(Image credit: JetBlue)
Quick Summary

JetBlue has introduced a new seat-back in-flight entertainment system that adds a whole plethora of personalised options.

These include the ability to pause content partway through and pick it up again on a future flight.

US airline JetBlue is taking in-flight entertainment to a whole new level, allowing passengers to create watch parties with one-another, and even saving favourite film and TV show selections to watch on later flights.

The Blueprint system is believed to be the most advanced in the States today, with some features never before implemented on a US service. There's also hope that it will drive similar capabilities to come to other airlines too – including those in the UK and Europe.

JetBlue claims its new entertainment system better mimics the streaming services you might have in your home. Not only can you create a watch party with five other passengers on the same flight – where you synchronise the same movie or show on multiple screens, including the ability to pause – you can sign into the service so you get personalised features.

These include content recommendations based on previously watched content, the ability to save favourites to watch on a future flight and all your settings, and you can even pause content when you land and pick it up again on your next supported flight – such as the return journey.

JetBlue also has a content partnership with Peacock in the US, so you can stream shows and films from that service. It plans other content partnerships in future.

Of course, you don't have to opt-in to create a profile and still enjoy the entertainment, but these new features are great for regular travellers and families who want to watch a movie together, for example.

JetBlue currently operates mainly in the US, Canada and Latin America, but also has flights to the Caribbean and Europe. It is based in New York and offers free Wi-Fi on national flights.

Fingers crossed the likes of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are taking note.

Long gone are the days of a projection screen at the front of each cabin showing a poorly rendered movie that you can't see through someone's overly coiffured hair anyway. That's for sure.

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