Sky Go now records 10m weekly content view requests

Sky confirms its app based on-demand catch-up service has 2.5m active users

Sky has revealed that its Sky Go on-the-move content service now has 2.5 million active users with 10m weekly view requests recorded

Having officially unveiled its eleventh smartphone and tablet application earlier today broadcasting giant Sky has revealed that its Sky Go service now records more than 10 million view requests per week.

Available through a number of connected sources from PC and Mac to the Xbox 360 games console, the Sky Go on-demand catch-up service has been bolstered in recent months thanks to the hugely popular Sky Go iPhone, iPad and now Android applications bringing Sky content to users on the move.

Allowing Sky TV subscribers to watch live or Anytime catch-up movies, sports and entertainment content whilst on the move, Sky Go, with the aid of its handset applications, has become an integral tool in the TV consumption of millions of users.

“This is the eleventh app which we are launching from Sky,” said Lyssa McGowan, Director of Communication Products at Sky earlier today unveiling the Sky Cloud Wi-Fi application. She added: “It adds to our family of apps. They have been hugely successful and Sky Go now has 10 million weekly views and is on 2.5 million of our customer's devices and that is just from a launch in July.”

Of the on-demand movie and TV apps she added: “It has been incredibly successful and I think it talks to the niche that we are really seeing now of customers wanting to watch this stuff when they are out and about.”

Whilst the Sky Go service has been a standout performer of the company's application offerings, the news, sports and movies specialist has confirmed that its near dozen strong fleet of mobile apps have been download more than 22 million times to date.

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