Second season of Marvel's Daredevil revealed with brace of show images

Matt Murdock along with new recruits Elektra and The Punisher incoming for more live-action adventures

Marvel's Daredevil is to return in 2016, with season 2 of the Netflix-exclusive show now confirmed visually with a series of stills. The second season debuts amidst the release of Marvel's Jessica Jones, Marvel's Luke Cage (also coming out in 2016) and Marvel's Iron Fist, with the protagonists of each show then scheduled to join together to star in Marvel's The Defenders. Yeh, we'd never heard of it either...

Here at T3 we can't say we're super stoked for this to be honest, as the first series - despite having some decent action and performances - fell flat spectacularly fast and ended up being nowhere near as fun or exciting as the show at first promised to be. Then again, maybe the inclusion of Elektra (to be played by Elodie Yung) and The Punisher (to be played by Jon Bernthal) will help kick the show up the jacksie.

Here come the stills: