Save £400 on this top Samsung Galaxy foldable phone right now!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is incredibly affordable at Amazon right now

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 on a pink background
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One of the most popular advancements in technology in recent years is the foldable phone. What once was the plaything of science fiction writers is now very real indeed.

While many have turned their hands to the form, Samsung phones tend to stick near the top of the pile. Their handsets are refined, and while they may not always have the best pound-for-pound spec sheet, they do just work exceptionally well.

Their top flip phone right now is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 – and right now, you can save £400 on that handset at Amazon!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: was £1,149, now £749 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: was £1,149, now £749 at Amazon
Save £400 on the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 at Amazon. If you want a flip phone with an easy to use interface, this is the pick for you. At just £749, this is a real bargain, and should be top of the list for any prospective foldable fans.

For that price, users are getting an absolute knock out device. For starters, you'll get a staggering 512GB of storage inside. That's a whole heap of space – perfect for trigger happy shot-snappers and cinematographers.

Inside, you'll find the incredibly capable Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. While that may not be the most up to date model there is, it's still fantastically powerful and efficient, and was revered at the time it was launched. That's paired with a 3,700mAh battery, which Samsung suggest is capable of an all-day battery life.

The cover display is the subject of a lot of talk among flip phones, and it's no slouch here. A 3.4-inch design is perfect for tackling quick tasks without having to unfold the handset.

While it was never exactly a cheap handset, the Z Flip 5 always offered excellent value for money, even at the retail price. Slash a whopping £400 off of that, and you've got a device which is just a brilliant buy. There's no telling how long this deal will stick around, but if you're looking to get into the world of flip phones, it might be best not to wait.

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