Samsung S21 FE, Fold 3 and Z Flip all get leaked with beautiful 360 degree images

We've seen them all in glorious 3D

The S21 FE, Galaxy Fold 3 and Z Fold 3
(Image credit: Evan Blass @evleaks)

You really can’t keep a secret these days, especially not if you’re Samsung and you’ve got a big announcement coming on August 11 where you’ll launch a number of new devices. Ahead of launching a new set of phones, Galaxy Buds and new watches 3D renders of several devices have leaked online.  

The leaks come from Evan Blass whose track record for accuracy is hard to challenge. Blass has basically had his own version of Samsung’s Unpacked where he showed off a number of new devices including the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic along with the Galaxy Buds 2 and, the big hitter, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. 

Blass’ thread details all of these devices, including showing off the expected colour variations. There are animated gifs which show off the whole device, leaving us only to wonder what sort of specs we might see in these new products. 

We do know that Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic will be the first devices to use the new Google and Samsung unified platform for watches. What this actually means for people who own the devices is unclear. We don’t know much about how this OS will work, and what Google plans to do with its existing user base of Wear OS watches. This is somewhat controversial as it feels like Google and Samsung are throwing away their existing devices in favour of something entirely new. Will it shake up the Android watch market though, and can they compete with Apple’s Watch which continues to blast ahead of almost everything else on the market. 

The Galaxy S21 FE is likely to be the bestseller of all these devices as it’s probably going to be slightly more affordable than the folding phones. For many, the S21 FE isn’t the phone they actually wanted to see, with many holding out for a new flagship Note. We reported earlier in the year that Samsung was not admitting to cancelling the Note range, but it didn’t commit to a new device ether. In many ways, the increasing feature creep of the Galaxy S devices has left the Note nowhere to go, with most of its cutting edge features ending up in Samsung’s flagship. 

In foldables the Galaxy Fold 3 should further improve on the much-loved, if slightly unaffordable range of devices. Could this be the year we see S Pen support on this stunning device? We kind of hope so, as it is the ideal form factor for note taking and drawing. It’s possible we’ll also see an under-display camera too, the renders show the front camera clearly, but the hole-punch on the inner screen is gone, which could suggest that rumour is true. 

Also detailed is the Samsung Z Flip 3. This remains one of Samsung’s most appealing devices. With a small form factor when closed and an uncompromising full-sized screen when open this little device is exactly what many people have said they want in a mobile phone. Samsung just needs to make the price a little more attractive. Like the Fold 3, rumours have also suggested S Pen support for this phone too. 

We’re a bit less hyped about the Galaxy Buds 2. Sure, Samsung’s earbuds are a credible option for Android users, especially those rocking Samsung devices, but when we tested the original Samsung Galaxy Buds we found them to be a bit better than average, but nothing to scream from the rooftops about. 

Check out Evan’s thread on Twitter and feel free to start getting excited about this new phones, watches and earbuds any time you like. 

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