Samsung Galaxy X vs Motorola Razr V4: which folding phone would you buy?

The Samsung folding phone is coming this year, but are you planning to wait for the new foldable Moto Razr?

Samsung Galaxy X video vs Motorola Razr folding phone
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The Galaxy X, Samsung's much-hyped new folding phone, is confirmed as launching this year, just as T3 reported it would do. And everything we already know about the foldable phone indicates it is going to be something that is very special indeed.

However, the Samsung folding phone is not the only handset with a folding screen lining up to fight for your investment, with Huawei gunning for the South Korean maker with an advanced folding phone of its own, as well as devices from a plethora of other makers including LG, Apple, and Motorola  – the latter slated to do with a foldable new Razr.

And, simply put, of all the folding phone videos we've seen to date, a device like the Motorola Razr V4 shown below looks like it would be one of the Galaxy X's fiercest competitors.

Watch the Motorola Razr V4 video below:

This depiction on the much-rumoured Motorola Razr comes courtesy of respected mobile tech designer TechConfigurations, who specialises in creating interesting and enthusing concept devices based on leaked information and reports, as well as the latest industry rumours.

The original Motorola Razr came out originally in 2004, and sported a super cool clamshell design and glowing keypad. That phone had hinge, though, and only one screen that didn't fold. However, since T3 reported on how Motorola had filed a patent for a folding phone, speculation has spread rapidly on a device launching in 2019.

Samsung folding phone Galaxy X Moro Razr video

Various Samsung folding phone designs have emerged over the past 12 months. Will the Galaxy X look like this?

(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

Could the new Motorola folding phone really arrive so soon? It would seem so.

In T3's report, we relayed comments made by the CEO of Lenovo (which owns the Motorola brand), Yanq Yuanqing, who said that:

"With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design. So hopefully what you just described [the Motorola Razr brand] will be developed or realised very soon".

A new Razr phone from Motorola that looks as avant-garde as the original, while also delivering a lush new foldable screen? That really would turn heads and hold serious potential to hurt Samsung's Galaxy X folding phone sales.

The big question is, therefore, which phone would you buy? Or would you keep your powder dry for the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship?

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