Foldable phone from Motorola is gunning for Samsung Galaxy X

This phone folds out into a tablet and could be the future for Moto fans

Motorola foldable phone concept
(Image credit: YouTube)

Motorola appears to be working on a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet, along with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy X, the Apple foldable iPhone and the Huawei foldable phone.

Update: this phone looks to be a reboot of the much-loved Motrola Razr.

The Motorola foldable smartphone, which folds out into a tablet, appeared in a patent filed to WIPO. Unlike like the three-screen competition, this appears to use a two screen setup that allows it to work as a single screen when folded into a phone or it can be folded out into a tablet where that one larger flexible screen folds out.

Motorola foldable phone concept

(Image credit: WIPO)

The phone is described as having two cameras, one on the front left that works in phone mode and the other at the top right so when in tablet mode they can be used like a dual camera. This should allow for a stereo effect for the images to make 3D-like shots.

In the middle, at the top and bottom, appear to be flexible hinges which not only allow the screen to fold out into a tablet but can also fold over again to be propped up into a tent-like display mode. Yup, this looks like the gymnast of the foldable phone world.

Of course, like all foldable phones at this stage, this is just an idea. That said, Motorola did show off foldable phone concepts years ago so it may be closer to producing this phone than a mere patent reveal would suggest.

Samsung is expected to reveals its Galaxy X foldable smartphone early next year – expect the competition to release close to then.

In the meantime, check out the concept video of another folding Moto phone – a Motorola RAZR V4 – by TechConfigurations, below.

Lead image credit: TechConfigurations

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