Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tipped for massive display upgrade

The top Android phone could be much more appealing next year

A leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra showing a lizard on screen
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

When it comes to Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is widely considered to be among the best you can get. As the product of several years of development, the device is pretty much the pinnacle of what the range can offer.

Now, attention has turned to its successor – the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. That device is expected to be unveiled in February next year, based on historic release schedules for the brand. And already, we have a few tantalising details about what might be on board.

The latest of those is a rumoured upgrade to the display. That comes from highly regarded tech insider, Ice Universe. Ice has a stellar track record for leaked information – particularly when that information pertains to Samsung phones.

It's not the most information heavy leak, though. Ice shared the image seen above on Twitter, with the caption, "I can confirm that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has finally been upgraded screen." [sic]

That being said, we can make a few assumptions about what is happening. It's expected to pack the M13 OLED panel, which should feature up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness. That would be a decent upgrade over its predecessor, which tops out 1,750 nits.

It's far from the only upgrade we've heard touted for the range. The camera array on the device is expected to get a boost, with a 50MP telephoto lens said to appear. That marks a 5x improvement over the unit found in the S23 Ultra.

That camera is said to pair with the same 200MP main sensor that was so popular on the current device. As a pairing, they stand to be one of the most capable offerings on any phone next year.

We've also heard rumours about a titanium frame on the device. That could be significant, reducing the weight of the device while maintaining the kind of structural rigidity that modern users are expecting.

As mentioned above, the device is still expected to be around six months away from launch. That's plenty of time for things to change – just because the current wisdom suggests these are the specs, doesn't necessarily mean they will be. Regardless, it's worth keeping an eye out for more details.

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