Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could get a brilliant camera upgrade

It would make the best Android phone even more appealing

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

When it comes to the best Android phones on the market, one of the most crucial parts is the camera. Most people use it for all of the photography and videography they take, so it has to be good.

It shows, too. Two of the most popular devices on the market this year have been the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Both are revered for their camera quality, with the S23 Ultra packing a 200MP main sensor and the Pixel 7 Pro utilising a brilliant quad-bayer sensor.

Now, details have emerged about the successor to the S23 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is said to pack in a 50MP telephoto lens, which would be a substantial upgrade over the current generation.

That news comes courtesy of popular tech tipster, Ice Universe. Ice enjoys a stellar reputation when it comes to releasing information about upcoming products – particularly Samsung phones. That gives us good reason to trust the rumour, though it isn't confirmed from any official source.

If this rumour proves true, it will be significant for the range. The current model utilises a 10MP telephoto lens. That's a fairly capable camera, but would surely be dwarfed by one with five times as many pixels.

It's also said to be a larger sensor. That would mark a significant upgrade for zoomed in shots, and could even do away with some of the issues users have with softness of zoomed images.

Elsewhere, the 200MP sensor from the S23 Ultra is said to stick around. While nothing concrete has been rumoured for the ultra-wide sensor, it's entirely possible that will get a boost, too.

All in all, it's shaping up to be a fantastic handset. There's no confirmed release date for the range yet, though historically they release near the start of the new year. The last generation was released in February, so that seems like a good bet.

If that proves to be the case this time, we still have around six months to wait for the new devices. Expect to hear a lot more about them before then.

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