Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could get a long overdue charging upgrade

Technology from your favourite EVs could solve issues with charging your Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

Samsung's top-spec phones have long been regarded as some of the best Android phones on the market. They pack in top specs and features with a familiar user interface, to create a compelling package for users.

They aren't without fault, though. One of the most common complaints about Samsung phones is their battery and charging technology. That has been relatively antiquated for years now, falling far behind the tech on offer from competitors.

That could all change with the release of the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, though. According to specialist Samsung blog, SamMobile, stacked battery technology from the best EVs could make its way into that handset.

If true, they claim that the device could pack a 65W fast charging capability. Okay, that isn't anything to write home about – other devices like the OnePlus 11 have 100W charging, for example – but it certainly pulls them up to the pack. For reference, the current generation Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can reach 45W charging speeds with the right adapter.

It would be a sure fire winner for the Korean brand. While their phones remain popular, some will have been put off by the lack of speedy charging on offer. Add that to the spec sheet, and you're removing one of the biggest barriers for potential users.

Samsung are absolutely killer at other points on a phone. Their cameras have long been some of my favourite on the market, while the One UI software continues to be among the best Android skins on offer. When everything else they do is so strong, fixing one of the biggest issues makes it hard to see why anyone wouldn't pick one up.

The report suggested that the technology may initially be reserved only for the companies' top of the line handsets. That's due to supply chain constraints, which could make it tough to produce enough for all models. It's unlikely, they say, that the technology will extend down as far as the vanilla model of the S24 range.

Regardless, it offers a glimmer of hope for fans of the brand. There are many specs which could be changed on the new model, but a boost to the charging speed? Now that's one I can wholeheartedly get on board with.

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