Samsung Galaxy Ring spotted on certification site – full launch is just around the corner

Samsung's first smart ring has passed a major step needed before launch

Samsung Galaxy Ring
(Image credit: Samsung)
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The Samsung Galaxy Ring has been spotted on the website of the Bluetooth SIG – a necessary step in certification before launch.

This is an indication that it's almost ready for launch.

Samsung is poised to launch its first smart ring, if a posting on the Bluetooth SIG website is anything to go by.

Devices that use Bluetooth for wireless communication need to be certified by the organisation before they go on sale. And an appearance on its official site is generally an indication that a product is ready for launch.

It's not a long stretch then to suggest the Samsung Galaxy Ring is imminent, with the wearable now approved for consumer use.

First announced during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this year – when the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones were unveiled – the Ring was then displayed on the company's stand at Mobile World Congress in February.

It is thought that the smart device will be part of a wider event – the second Unpacked of the year – when it'll launch in full alongside the brand's latest foldable phones. This could be held in early July, which is the current train of thinking from industry experts.

In all honesty, it's unlikely to launch any sooner. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is a big deal for the company and is arguably as important (if not more so) as the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 phones.

Nine variants were spotted on the Bluetooth SIG site (by 91Mobiles), with model numbers ranging from SM-Q500 to SM-Q509. It is believed they refer to the different sizes, which we've learned in the past start at small (S) and go up to extra-large (XL).

The only other thing we can learn from the listing is that the Galaxy Ring will support Bluetooth 5.4 for wireless connection to a smartphone. We have learned in the past that this will not include iPhone, as Samsung won't be supporting Apple device connectivity.

Android phones other than the Samsung Galaxy family will be compatible, however.

We'll bring you more on the Samsung Galaxy Ring as we near launch. That'll hopefully be soon.

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