Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 could come with a big performance boost

The new flip phone should be rapid

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 on blue background
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 should get a decent power boost.

That's according to a recent leak, which suggests a new processor and a slightly larger battery could enter the fray next time out.

Samsung is reportedly planning to give the next Galaxy Z Flip phone it produces a really welcome boost to its power. 

The Z Flip 6 is expected this year, and according to a new report from MySmartPrice, it'll ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 at its heart.

That's a flagship chip which should bring oodles of raw power, which is ideal - previous generations of the Galaxy Z Flip haven't necessarily felt weedy, but have shipped a little behind the bleeding edge at times. 

Another welcome boost on the speed side will seemingly come where its RAM allocation comes into play - the phone will now have 12GB variants on sale instead of the 8GB it's stuck with previously.

That should help with multitasking and app switching, and there will also be a modest battery boost to help it last longer, according to the story's source.

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It's not just processing power that's being upgraded this time out, either. The physical battery is being expanded to 4,000mAh from 3,700, which won't necessarily make for a massive change but is still a welcome improvement. 

The other area of improvement highlighted in the post behind the story is the cover display that the Z Flip 6 will boast - which is also getting a little bigger. This year it'll seemingly be a 3.9-inch display, again a small upgrade compared to the existing model's 3.4-inch version. 

So, in all cases it seems like Samsung is making the changes it thinks it can fit into the Z Flip chassis without revising things totally, which is a tactic that has served it pretty well so far.

While it might not have all the flagship features to compare with the vertical Z Fold phones, the Z Flip does seem to have more commercial appeal, after all.

Still, there's also plenty we don't know about the upcoming Z Flip 6, with none of these details remotely close to being confirmed and official. We're still in the dark about when it'll come out, what price Samsung will attach, and a whole bunch of other specs, so there's plenty to learn when Samsung decides to unveil it properly. 

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