Leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 render suggests an S24 Ultra-style rethink

Design changes are reportedly incoming

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
(Image credit: Basil Kronfli)
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A render of an alleged Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 has appeared online that shows a redesign of sorts.

The edges of the next device will be squared off, aping the current Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

If a new render is to be believed, the next Galaxy Z Fold phone from Samsung might well be taking a different approach to its design, mirroring tweaks to the Galaxy S24 Ultra

The departure isn't enormously radical – the phone is still very much a bi-fold option that has similar dimensions to recent generations.

However, a new render of the prospective folding phone has been unearthed by the team at SamMobile after it was apparently shared by a case maker in the US. It shows that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 might have significantly squarer corners than previous years' phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 render

(Image credit: SamMobile)

This more squared-off design would indeed echo the tweaks made to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which went from the rounded corners of previous years to a more squared-off look. 

There's still a sizeable camera bump with three sensors, and the phone otherwise looks pretty familiar in terms of both size and shape. The external display is visible, though, and echoes other leaks that suggest that it'll be slightly wider than last year's. This should make it more comfortable to use when you don't fancy unfolding the phone. 

The new corners also tally with other rumoured renders that have been doing the rounds in recent weeks and months, adding to the credibility of this latest one. 

It reveals that we'll get an even flatter design this year, one that might feel a little sharper and more modern depending on your taste.

Samsung hasn't yet pinned any date for when it'll announce the next generation of its folding phone lineup, but the commonly-held assumption is that we can expect an Unpacked event in early July. This is based on previous years' schedules. 

Alongside the Z Fold 6, we should get a new Z Flip 6 as well, but there's a big question mark about whether that'll be all. Rumours have been circulating that Samsung will also bring a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra with bumped specs to the table, something that would mark its first change to the folding phone offering in a few years. 

That's unconfirmed too, at this stage, though, so there's plenty to look forward to when Samsung does finally announce its event's date. 

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