Samsung Galaxy owners are getting a great new Android features upgrade

Google's new September system update delivers a host of feature upgrades for Samsung Galaxy users

Samsung Galaxy S22 Android phone being held by a woman in a black leather jacket
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Following on from Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 owners getting access to new Android 13 features, we've now got official confirmation that all Samsung Galaxy phone users are getting new feature upgrades in September 2022.

That's because, as noted by SamMobile, the September Google System Update is coming to all Samsung Galaxy phones and it delivers a series of feature upgrades to Google Play Store, performance and security.

As listed on the official Google support blog, the September update includes these Google Play upgrades:

1. Improvements to the 'Play-as-you-download' feature to let gamers start playing mobile games while the app download continues to reduce waiting times.

2. Optimizations allowing faster and more reliable download and installation.

3. Improvements to Play Protect to keep your device safe.

4. Various performance optimizations, bug fixes and improvements to security, stability and accessibility.

5. New features to the Play Pass and Play Points programs.

6. New features to help users discover new apps and games.

All of these feature upgrades will arrive in the Google Play services / Google Play Store system update, which will begin to roll out from today, 1 September 2022.

In addition, the September update also brings the ability to hide recommended apps during the Google Kids Space onboarding, improvements to account syncing and account recovery, and the ability to install Google Kids Space on a tablet's secondary user during device setup.

The T3 take on the September update

The Google Play Store is one of the very strongest reasons to buy one of the best Android phones, a market in which the best Samsung phones dominate. So improvements to almost every aspect of the store seem really welcome.

Samsung Galaxy phones come with powerful mobile GPUs and are great for playing mobile games, so the idea that you can get gaming quicker and find games easier you could be interested in sounds great. Who doesn't like faster and more reliable downloads?

Security and privacy improvements are also most welcome, as it is an area where Android devices still lag behind iPhones.

Better synchronisation between Samsung Galaxy devices including Auto, Phone, TV and Wear also sounds good, as many Galaxy phone owners buy into the ecosystem, owning Galaxy earbuds, tablets, wearables and more. I myself, for example, run a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds and a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 right now, so this upgrade will work to make that unified experience better.

Regardless of the Samsung Galaxy device you use, therefore, I'd recommend grabbing the September Google update as soon as it drops, which it could have already done for you today.

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