PS5 set to blow Xbox Series X out of the water with this SURPRISE feature

A new leak points to a surprising PS5 feature that has a huge advantage over Xbox Series X

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The PS5 reveal caused quite the fuss with fans, coming months after Microsoft unveiled its Xbox Series X, and with a radical new aesthetic that ditched the black box of the PS4 for a larger form factor full of curves in a stark white colourway.

Sony has teased even more "beautiful" and "radical" special editions will be on the way, but hasn't officially announced any additional colours - despite fan renders of a black edition PS5 proving popular, and leaked Sony marketing material featuring a black and red console creating a buzz. But now it seems like you may not have to buy an entirely new piece of hardware to enjoy a new look for your console, if this most recent leak is true. 

Images of what appear to be PlayStation 5 face plates have appeared, reportedly from a factory in China. Judging from the photos, it seems like the outer shell of the PS5 is potentially removable, and simply popped into a place with a series clips.

If it's that easy to remove the face plates, it's not too huge of a leap to speculate that Sony could sell alternate face plates allowing users to switch them out for different colours and themes. They seem to be made to be removed for a reason, and whether that's purely aesthetic or a way to allow users to access the inner compartments is unknown. 

Microsoft dabbled with interchangeable face plates with the Xbox 360, but it wasn't a feature it carried over to the Xbox One family of consoles indicating it wasn't necessarily something that was fruitful enough for it to carry on with. 

But perhaps Sony is happy to open up more options for customisation for players next-gen.     

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Neither console manufacturer has officially announced additional colourways, although a leak this week hinted at a white Xbox Series X. We've seen some awesome fan mockups of special editions, including these stunning Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Forbidden West PS5 renders, so for now, we'll have to wait and see if Sony is opting to put console customisation in players' hands. 

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