PS5 restock: Amazon's next big stock drop has a date, here's when

This could be the big one

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It's been a good few weeks since Amazon last put PlayStation 5 stock up for sale – but that's all set to change. A new restock date has now surfaced, meaning anyone trying to get a console before Christmas rolls around will have one final opportunity via the world's biggest retailer.

Already this week has proven very successful for PS5 restocks, with EE, ShopTo, BT, Very and Currys all going live with various allotments. Has Father Jim Ryan come to the rescue for the holidays? It would seem so at this rate. We also have the UK and US governments stepping in to stop bots and scalpers with some new bills and acts proposed. 

Until then, Amazon is next in line for a big restock on either December 8th or December 15th, according to PS5 Stock UK (over 200,000 followers). It's an early one as well, with PS5 stock set to go up anytime between 8AM and 9AM UK time. Once live, consumers will have the choice between standalone disc and digital consoles. 

To purchase a PS5 through Amazon you must first hold an Amazon Prime membership account, however, there is a free trial option for those that don't want to commit. If any bundles do miraculously turn up (Amazon usually doesn't have them), we 100% recommend focusing your efforts towards securing one. 

While the largest retailer on the market, Amazon's PS5 restocks don't last that long, at an average of about 30 minutes maximum. It's a rare occurrence too, with the last two drops happening on November 17th and October 27th. The former at least was the biggest drop from Amazon since the PS5 launched in November 2020. We're hoping it will be a decent portion once again.

As always, you can keep up with the latest information via the official T3 PS5 restock tracker. We already have GAME going live with stock very soon, while Argos should follow not far behind. Plenty of opportunities! 

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